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Optin Pressor Review and Bonus – Subscriber List Building Tool

All about Optin Pressor

Are you having trouble growing your list of subscribers with whom you can market your products or services to? Looking for something that can help you quickly and effectively create a profitable opt-in subscriber list? If so, Optin Pressor might just be the online marketing tool that you need. What exactly is at all about though – how does it work and what can such a tool actually do for you?

Optin Pressor is a software plugin designed to help marketers quickly and conveniently touch base with their subscribers thru Google or Facebook with a simple click of a button. With it, marketers will have access to valuable information (name and primary email address) with minimal difficulty and with practically no coding or any technical knowledge required.

Perhaps the best thing that can be said about this particular tool is that it allows marketers to get quickly and easily get the information they need on prospects/subscribers that regularly check their messages and actively make use of the Internet – a profitable bunch and certainly the best people marketers can get on their list.

 What can Optin Pressor do for you?

Optin Pressor works by basically making it all that much easier and quicker for people to opt or subscribe to offers posted on networks like Facebook and Google+. At the same time, the tool paves a good opportunity for marketers to develop credibility by establishing connections among active subscribers online.

Let’s say that you manage to get an “opt in” from one of your fans on Facebook, Optin Pressor automatically creates a post on their timeline (perhaps an image, description and URL of your business page). Needless to say, anyone looking at that subscriber’s timeline will also see your offers improving one’s chances of getting their posts/offers viral but that’s not all – Optin Pressor is also compatible with a wide range of autoresponders and leverage Gmail as a marketing resource considering that it’s the most widely used email platform online.

Now in terms of installation, Optin Pressor was designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible and this is evident throughout the setup and configuration process. One simply has to go through a couple of simple steps to get the plugin up and running. Optin Pressor is compatible with any WP site as well as HTML pages of any type.

After installing the plugin on your webpage, marketers will then have to link the tool to their email auto responder. As mentioned earlier, Optin Pressor works with most auto responder platforms in the market. Prospects simply need to click the opt in button to avail of your offers after which they will then be taken to a confirmation webpage.

Now to activate everything one simply has to put in their Google or Facebook ID and then fill out the HTML form for their preferred email auto responder. In terms of cost, Optin Pressor is offered under 3 different licenses:

  • Single license for $49
  • Multi-site license for $77
  • Developer license for $97


Users can try Optin Pressor for a period of 60 days from date of purchase. If the software does not deliver as expected, users can request a complete respond which is certainly reassuring.

 The Bottom line

If you are looking for something that you can help you quickly and effectively build your subscriber list through Google and Facebook then you certainly can’t go wrong with Optin Pressor. Coupled with a full 60 day money-back guarantee, marketers have nothing lose and much to gain!

Based on what most users are saying about the software online, Optin Pressor is certainly a good buy. Many are convinced that Optin Pressor delivers as expected and that is to help them easily and effectively grow a profitable subscriber list. Tips and tutorials guide users with everything they need to know when it comes to making full use of all that the software has to offer which makes it ideal even for the most novice of online marketers.

If you’ve been finding it difficult to gain subscribers from Google or Facebook then Optin Pressor is certainly something that is worth looking into!

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