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Liquid Web Hosting Review and Bonus – Website Hosting Solution

All about Liquid Web hosting

Looking for a good web hosting service provider for your website and wondering if Liquid Web Hosting is actually a good fit for your business? Where to get one’s site hosted is certainly one of the most important decisions every website owner inevitably has to make. Needless to say, a good web hosting service provider needs to be secure, reliable and reasonably priced – Does Liquid Web Hosting actually fit any of those bills? Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at what the web hosting service provider has to offer!

Liquid Web is a premium website hosting service provider that caters to the needs of businesses of any size all over the world (over 10,000 clients from more than a 100 countries). The company’s assets include 3 data centers and specialize in web hosting solutions which include shared web hosting, VPS and dedicated servers.

Now Liquid Web Hosting is certainly one of the top web hosting service providers on the market today. A lot of users highly recommend their services although poor ratings and comments about their services are just as many – so what’s the real deal? Well we only know what we know based on our experience working with clients who’ve opted for such a web hosting platform but first –let’s take a look at some of Liquid’s features and offerings:

What does Liquid Web Hosting have to offer?


Liquid Web offers some comprehensive features and everything that marketers need to create professional looking websites regardless of what programming languages users choose to opt for (PHP, Python, MYSQL, etc.) Site Statistics provide detailed information about your site’s status and a redundant backup system save daily copies of a site in case of emergencies and render site data secure. The web hosting company prides itself in providing all the web hosting resources that their clients need. Granted Liquid’s web hosting services are a tad pricey than most but many would agree that the value they provide more than justifies its cost.


It’s an all important attribute for any web hosting service provider and Liquid Web Host certainly doesn’t disappoint in this area with a network uptime of 100 percent backed by multiple data centers around the world manned around the clock by skilled and highly qualified engineers. Network uptimes are achieved via individual “level redundancy” checks which mean that client servers won’t be affected in the event of hardware failures anywhere in the system.

Liquid Web’s web hosting network is both robust and generally reliable although a lot of user reports issues with their shared web hosting services (unequal distribution of bandwidth and slow loading speeds). Businesses are advised to opt for dedicated servers when signing up for Liquid Web for a truly robust and reliable web hosting solution. Such servers use top of the line Tier 1 bandwidth connection which provides the fastest connection with the least amount of network latencies.


Like most web hosting solutions on the market, Liquid Panel has a Cpanel or WHM user interface that marketers can use to manage just about everything  – site data, emails, domain names, FTP accounts, web server configurations, etc. The interface is graphic-based and in our opinion, intuitive enough even for beginners looking to get started.


We found that the quality of support offered by Liquid Web is generally excellent although they are certainly people out there who would readily tell you otherwise. Support is available on-site 24/7 which includes over a hundred support engineers ready to respond and rectify any technical issues to give clients that peace of mind that comes with knowing that their web hosting needs are in some of the best of hands.

Their SLA (Service level agreement) covers guarantees one wouldn’t in most other web hosting service providers:

  1. 30 minute IR (Initial Response) guarantee
  2. 30 minute hardware replacement guarantee
  3. 100 percent network uptime guarantee

Failure to meet the said guarantees entitles clients to a credit (10x the length of time in which a site was impacted for any reason.

Is Liquid Web hosting the right solution for you?

Liquid Web Hosting is without a doubt one of the top web hosting service providers on the market today and comes highly recommended for anyone looking for a robust and highly reliable web hosting platform. Simply put, the quality of Liquid’s web hosting services is generally excellent but it does come at a cost. If up time and reliability is of great importance to you then Liquid Web Hosting is unlikely to disappoint you there!

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