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SEOPressor Review, Discount & Bonus

There are a bunch of WordPress SEO plugins to make our lives easier in getting search engine rankings and today I’m going to show you another one in this SEOPressor review, plus if you think that it might be for you then I have an SEOPressor Bonus for you at the end.

In the mean time I am going to give you the most unbiased review of Daniel Tan’s SEO Pressor so that you can be best informed if it is for you or not.

Lets start of with a brief over view of how the plugin helps you with SEO and what it does, so that you know where I am coming from in the rest of this review.

This WordPress plugin helps with your on page SEO properties and gives you a guide as to the elements that need to be adjusted on your page or post for maximum effect in the search engines.

Once you have installed the plugin and activated it you will see a field for SEO Pressor. Once you have written your post or page, you just put the keyword that you want to rank the page for in here and then hit publish.

The plugin will then score your page/post on the following on page aspects that are important for SEO:

  • H1
  • H2
  • H3
  • Keyword Density
  • Internal link to another page
  • Do you have an image with the alt text
  • Do you have enough keywords to bold, italic and underline


The plugin will also bold, italic and underline your keyword for you automatically. Though this doesn’t make a huge difference to your SEO it may help give you that little edge.

You can then adjust your post/page and hit update again, each time you do this it will update your score as a percentage and show you what needs to be changed to get a better score. This takes the guess work out of writing new content and save you time in the process.

SEOPressor Review

Downsides Of SEOPressor:

The biggest downside of this plugin is that it tells you, you need a H1 tag (heading 1 in the wp page editor) when some times you actually already have one. You see it only looks at the content that is in the page and not the actual heading of the page.

Most WordPress themes these days have the post/page title as the H1 tag by default but the way SEO Pressor is set up it doesn’t check this and so in the case of some sites it is telling you to put in a H1 where you don’t need one.

This is important because for the best results you only want one H1 tag per page (H2-H6) you can have as many as you want, but only one H1) and if you put two it may harm your results.

It’s quite simple just go to any page on your site that you DO NOT have a H1 in the body and right click on the page >> click view page source >> Press Ctrl + F >> search for “H1” you will then see if your theme automatically makes your heading a H1 tag. If after a <h1> you see your heading for that page, then you have one. If your search comes back with nothing then you don’t have one.

If it does have one then in you page editor, when SEOPressor tells you that you don’t have a H1 just ignore it and the percentage score it gives you.

If you didn’t find a H1 in the source code then you can follow what SEOPressor says and add one in to your page.

Other downsides
Two things that the plugin doesn’t check is the title tag and the URL to see if your keyword is on these as well. Both of these are important factors in your SEO so it would have been good to see these included in the plugin.

Upsides to SEOPressor:

The upsides to the plugin are that it saves you a bunch of time in checking the main things when publishing a new post or page and also servers as a good reminder in case you forget anything.

It is very easy to install, it’s just like most other standard plugins where you upload activate and go. There isn’t any other set up required.

It’s perfect if you are new to SEO or if you have outsources that are making posts for you, so they can easily check and make sure the content is correctly optimised. Even being fairly experienced in SEO I still use it because it saves me time and brain power thinking if I have included all the elements for good on page SEO.

Overall rating 4 out of 5 stars

SEOPressor Bonus

I have tried to be as transparent in this review as I can to help you make an informed decision about SEOPressor. If you think that it is for you and you decide to purchase through my affiliate link then I will send you a bonus as a thank you.

This isn’t just any bonus though I will send you my full SEO course, SEO Mumbo valued at $197. Now I’m not going to take up your time on this post if you want to see what it is all about and the crazy rankings that we are getting then have a look at and if you decide to buy the SEO Pressor plugin through this link, just shoot me your receipt to samuel and I will send you access to the full course.