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The 11 Common On-site SEO Issues you need to put right (Infographic)

I found this interesting infographic I wanted to share. It has a chart that shows the severity level for various on-site SEO issues, and I found it very helpful – especially for beginners. This is something you could use as a cheat sheet to guide you and lead your SEO strategy in the right direction.

The data was gathered using SEMRush’s Site audit tool and I found it to accurately represent the common problems we see when companies approach Think Big Online to help with their online marketing. We all know that Duplicate content can really hurt your rankings but what surprised me is that most of us have missed fixing the Image Alt attributes – the data shows this covers 45% of the medium severity level issues.

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Act fast and fix those issues if you want to catch up with your competitors. Fixing it and putting it right would be your first step for improved SEO.

Here’s a great tip everyone needs to know: fixing it doesn’t mean you will instantly succeed. You need to continuously learn and don’t stop trying things and making sure that your knowledge is always updated. We can learn new techniques by using a trial and error method, reading ebooks or the easiest way is to register for an SEO Webinar where you can develop your skill set and continuously learn a variety of SEO strategies for short and long-term SEO campaigns.

So there it is, don’t forget to check out the infographic below about 11 Common On-site SEO Issues. Please share it with your friends and colleagues and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog.

Also, contact us today for a no-obligation consult on your SEO and find out if Think Big Online can assist you.

Infographics by SEMRush.