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Important Reasons Why You Really Need to Switch to an Instagram Business Profile

If you still hesitant to make the switch to an Instagram business profile, now is the time for you to discover the important reasons of WHY you need to.

Ready to get started?

Let’s state the statistical facts first.

  • There are over 800+ million Instagram accounts worldwide.
  • 500 million Instagram users out of 800+ million accounts are using this social platform every single day.
  • And 80% percent of these accounts are actively following and engaging with the businesses they like.

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Still not convinced about it yet?

Let’s get into business and talk about the Important Reasons Why You Really Need to Switch to an Instagram Business Profile.

It’s Easier for Your Customers to Get in Touch

Back then when Instagram for Business does not exist, the only way for your followers to get in touch with your business was to send a direct message of click your website link in your profile.

But now that Instagram for business does exist. Once you switched to a business profile, your customers can now easily get in touch with by clicking the call-to-action that you chose to provide which gives you a better brand exposure, engagement, and reliability.

Having a business profile on Instagram can give your customers an easier business transaction – aside from your website information, they will just have to simply choose whether they want to email, call, or find your local store location.

 Access to Detailed Analytics

Instagram Business Analytics section can give a quick summary of relevant information about your followers and their profile activity to yours. You can easily get an overall view of your Instagram account by going to your profile and clicking the insights icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Once you are in this section – you can navigate and explore the information that you want to know about your business profile such as website clicks, new followers, reach, impression, and more within the past few days and week.

It’s Easier for You to Create Your Ads

Instagram business profiles can make it easier for you to setup and create your ad. Before Instagram for Business came advertisers had to access and setup everything through Facebook advertising tools but now that Instagram has thought things well. You can now easily set up your adjust by clicking promote.

Once you chose to promote – you will then be asked to choose the right call-to-action for your ad, set specific advertising budget, choose your target audience, and choose the date range of how long you want your ad to run.


Having your regular Instagram profile switched to a business profile can definitely help you stay ahead of the competition. But aside from looking like a reachable business on Instagram, there are still several factors to consider that can highly affect your business success such as how branding and profile looks, Instagram profile activities – do you also actively engage to your followers and non-followers, and were you able come up with the right Instagram ad?  Just in case you also want to learn the secrets and hacks of advertising, you can also join our Free Facebook Training that can generate leads for as low as $10 per day.