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Useful Niche Social Media Networks that Most Marketers tend to Overlook

Looking for other useful social media networks that can benefit your business?


Now when it comes to social media, people often limit their choices to mainstream ones such as Facebook and Twitter especially when leveraging their respective business.

Such social networks draw in a heap of users which in turn attracts most marketers who all find that it makes their job of getting in touch with their prospects a lot easier.

You should know though that these aren’t the only options you have when it comes to social networking for your business and getting to know a number of them can certainly be of benefit.

 Simply put, there exist a number of other networks that businesses could look into to leverage their social marketing or search engine marketing campaigns – niche ones in particular that deal with specific kinds of audience or interest groups. After all, in the highly competitive world of online marketing, you can certainly use any leverage that you can possibly get your hands on.


How can niche non-mainstream social media networks benefit your business?

A particular social media network can be described as a niche one for two reasons. One is that it has a fairly specific focus and two; it draws in a particular type of users (e.g. athletes, hobbyist, collectors or pet lovers).

The great thing about these social networks is that they eliminate the need for search engine marketing professionals to segment and target their prospects. Let’s say for instance that your business caters particularly to athletes and you are involving yourself with a social networking website for sports enthusiasts, you would find that you already have a very targeted range of users right in front of you as opposed to say, using Facebook.

 Needless to say, search engine marketing is always yields much better results if you have a targeted and much more segmented market in front of you. Thus before you even think about investing much of your time working with dominant and mainstream social media networking websites, it would certainly be worth your while to check out some less popular but possibly niche social media networks used by your target prospects.

Don’t have a clue about where to start? Well check out the following examples that should help you get the ball rolling and unveil new possibilities in marketing via social networks:


Meetup is among the most overlooked social networks online but it can actually prove to be valuable for businesses. Planning and taking part in events is a crucial responsibility for search engine marketing professionals and Meetup makes such  a responsibility a lot more convenient by providing a centralized network that covers events in your area.

Such events can be just about anything from fashion and lifestyle to health and literature. It’s a great way to reach out and find the best relevant events for your business or organize one yourself and get in touch with the attendees that will certainly represent a well targeted and segmented audience.


Gentlemint is another less popular social media network that your business can look into and caters more to the interests and needs of men. It adopts a fairly similar layout as Pinterest which is why it’s often referred to as “The Pinterest for men” and features an array of images that can be shared and commented on.

Unlike that of Pinterest however, the network primarily caters to images that are of interest to the male demographics such as cars, firearms, alcohol and motorcycles. If your business deals in products or services that appeals to such demographics then this social network is certainly for you!


Another of the non-mainstream social networks that you should look into is Athlinks – it’s a community for athletes and helps them share statistics and get in touch with one another. It also allows its users share profile information and fields of interests and even has a directory that caters to searches by name or location.  With about 266,000 active members, it’s a perfect marketing resource for business that deal in products or services for athletes.

Third Age

More and more senior citizens now days are learning how to use the Internet for their own needs and makes god use of it getting in touch with family and friends as well as  share and find advice on their heath, lifestyle and retirement plans. 

Many of them find ThirdAge to be quite invaluable as it offers the opportunity for group discussions, useful articles, videos and newsletters – all specifically intended to assist people aged 50 and above get the information and connections they need.

This is one social media network you certainly shouldn’t miss out on if your business caters to products or services for older demographics. With Third Age, search engine marketing professionals can also come up with effective ways to reach out to such an audience and introduce solutions to their needs and whatever issues that many of them are dealing with.

These are but a few of the non-mainstream social networks that although fairly unpopular when compared to other dominant social networking giants, can actually prove useful when effectively used by businesses engaged in relevant industries.

Now what other social media networks had you found useful in your business?