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A Definitive Guide To A Perfect Facebook Page

Having a Facebook page is no longer an optional social media marketing platform for business owners, coaches, celebrities and more.

In fact, it is has become the most necessary social media platform.

Gone were the days where you can easily raise awareness for something or someone by just posting and giving out flyers. As the rise of digital marketing platforms has definitely driven businesses and agencies to the extent that having one popular Social Media platform like Facebook is a now a business requirement to succeed.

But creating a Facebook page doesn’t mean results are instantly given. The truth is … when it comes to Facebook, you will either have a lot of success in terms of your online fans and conversions, or you will see little results from it – and that all depends on how you exert your efforts in your Facebook page.

In this article, we will go through the most simple but definitive guide to a perfect Facebook page that will definitely help you understand how Facebook marketing works from engagements (reactions, shares, and comment) to conversions.



Why Do You Need to Make a Good Facebook Page Impression

“First Impression Last” – you will believe that a saying is true especially when you can you relate to it. And, that also applies to Facebook marketing.  The impact of Facebook transcends almost every aspect of our daily lives—work, politics, news, connection, and habits. Almost all people can’t even last a day without checking their Facebook accounts.  Aren’t you guilty of it too?

Just simply put yourself in the shoe and you will realise why your overall Facebook Page Impression is important. Whenever you want to go to place it has become a habit to check it out on Facebook, same as when you have a crush and stalk him/her on Facebook, same as when you seek for valuable opinions before you buy something and this cycle repeats and repeats every single day.

Do you get it now? Your Facebook page impression is important because it serves as your brand’s social reputation. That’s why it is clearly important to look professional, to get high review rates and to look responsive.

Would you even care to enquire about a page that has a 1-star review rating on Facebook? Or, would you even want to message a page that looks so inactive? Everything about your Facebook page is important the looks, the feel and the way Facebook users respond to it.

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Why Organic Contents Matter

Posting on Facebook for your Facebook Paid Advertising campaigns is one of the best practices in social media marketing. However, too much selling can tire your audiences’ eyes. And, this is why you need organic contents to keep your page look active, entertaining, engaging and reliable.

You need to give value and connect to the heartstrings of your target audience. Organic contents do not necessarily mean that you can only post something entertaining and motivating. Content is anything that gives value to the reader’s eye. You can also post blog redirecting to your website to increase your website traffic and your product offerings that are not being boosted to showcase what you fully offer.

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Why Do You Need Facebook Paid Advertising

When it comes to reaching out to a broader audience Facebook Ads Manager has unlimited possibilities especially when you tweak it right. You can target people based on demographics, interest, and behaviours.

Take note: These features have successfully contributed large figures to several business owners that were able to get their targeting done right.

If you also want to be one successful business owner or advertiser, you can also join our Free Facebook Training that can generate leads for as low as $10 per day.