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Attractive Video Practices for Creative Facebook Advertising

There are different styles video advertisers use to promote their products or service. However, to make it more engaging with viewers, there are best practices that you should consider when you want to capture the attention of your target audience during the first few seconds.

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Tell a Story

One way that people will likely to pay attention is to tailor the content that is relevant to the audience’s interests. Creating a video advert must not only focus one unique video only. You have to consider creating different versions for split testing.

Invest in Production

In making a video advert, people do not care the kind of camera you use to capture every moment. Whether it’s a camera phone or a professional one, just see to it the video is clear, the editing is well organized and the additional designs or animation used are match with each other.

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Capture Audience Wisely

Show the message of the video advert to your audience as quickly as possible. So people would focus on your story and higher chances that they get hooked on the ads you created.

Make it more Appealing, with or without sound

Some users leave their video ads autoplay in their newsfeed, so it is important that you create your video advert with enticing images or scenery or you can announce some catchy word at the very beginning to capture their attention.

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