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Behavioural Segmenting With Infusionsoft

Did you know that you can you can segment the people in Infusionsoft by the actions or non-actions they take?


Take a look at the example below.

Image of Infusionsoft Segmenting by Think Big Online

Let’s say someone signed up to the newsletter or free offer on the left. We then send them an email sequence to warm them up to buy product #1.


At this point our audience is going to split into 2 groups; the buyers of product #1 and the non-buyers of product #1.


The buyers will automatically go straight into the next sequence which sells product #3, which ideally would be a complementary product to product #1.


At the same time the non-buyers get sent to purchase sequence #2 and are educated and motivated to buy product #2. These people will never see the offer for product #3 (let’s just imagine that #3 is not relevant for #2).


Over time you will see some people purchase #1, some purchase #1 and #3, then some purchase #2. You now have 3 distinct types of buyers and you know exactly what they like and what they either dislike or have no need for.


Think about how that will apply to your business.


Now take a look at the example below.

Image of Infusionsoft Segmentation for Business by Think Big Online

People start their journey off with a contact form and then are put into a sequence. Let’s say in this sequence we have emails that send people back to a particular type of video content.


We are going to put tags in place for those that click through to watch the video, then at the first black diamond (a decision diamond) we create a rule that sends everyone that clicked the link to the video into the top sequence and those that did not click, into the bottom sequence.


From here we now have 2 distinct types of behaviour from the people on our database. In this example we have repeated the same principle to segment them again, based on whether they clicked, or did not click, the link in your email.


By the last 4 sequences on the right hand side we would now have 4 very different behaviours taken by the people on our database.


Think about how you can segment your database to greater levels of specificity like the examples above, so that you can have more targeted conversations with your audience, because the more specific your conversation, the more money you will make.


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