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Digital Marketing Statistics and Trends for 2018 (Infographic)

Hooray for 2018!

A brand new year comes with a brand strategies and trends in the SEO Industry. Industry leaders are trying to predict the state of digital advertising and marketing for this year.

According to Smart insight global survey, 20% factor will come from the content and 14% apiece for big data and artificial intelligence. Social media, on the other hand, will have 10%. Survey results that website content is still the King if you want to get higher rankings for your keywords.

You need to personalise your website content to boost up your branding and influence your customer’s shopping decision and engagement.

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Whether a small company or a top-tier enterprise, brands have never before had such an opportunity to ingest, analyze and understand the important data available to them. Regardless of the industry, it’s clear that companies can overcome challenges with clear and actionable intelligence.

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Infographic Image of the Digital Marketing Statistics and Trends for 2018


Infographics by Enabler Space.