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E-Commerce Marketing Tip #16 – Touch Them Everywhere

Did you know that roughly 74 percent of your target prospects are bound to look you up online before doing any business with you? It doesn’t matter if they saw you on TV, radio, catalogs or maybe your business was referred by friends or family. People will look up your business online and what they see there will give them the perception of how successful or reliable your business is.

Needless to say, your business needs to look its best throughout these online searches. Hence your business needs to own a good portion of that online space by owning as many listings that cats your business in a good light. Such listings can come from a number of sources which includes:

  • Your own ecommerce website (of course)
  • News websites
  • Reviews
  • Social media networks – Creating a social media profile for your business presents a great opportunity for building social proof and effectively targeting prospects. Pinterest for instance is an excellent social network for targeting 16 to 29 year old women.


The main point that ecommerce business today should all keep in mind is that they need to do whatever they can to be seen everywhere online so that wherever they may look, they see your brand. Doing so will help reinforce your brand in the mind of your targeted prospects ultimately enabling you to sell more and acquire a larger market share.

One other great tactic that you can use to make your ecommerce business appear nearly everywhere online is retargeting with Google Adwords. You can learn more about that by checking out our next video – “Stalking your Prospects”.

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