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E-Commerce Marketing Tip #17 – Stalking Your Prospects

Everyone knows how important branding is for an ecommerce business now days. One of the best and most cost-effective ways of branding your business online is “remarketing”. Google Adwords present some of the best platforms to conduct a remarketing campaign. How does retargeting actually work though?

Retargeting or stalking your prospects in the ecommerce business essentially revolves around tagging website visitors with banner ads to “follow” them around with offers regarding the products or services that you are selling.

The goal here is twofold – one is that you want to target the people that visited your website but haven’t bought anything from you. You can target them with specific ads built around certain web pages that they’ve visited. You need to bring these people back and re-engage them with your brand as soon as possible

How do you re-engage website visitors that didn’t actually make a purchase from you? Well you can start by setting up an e-mail captcha wherein you drive them to a certain page asking them for their e-mail address in exchange for something of value to them which could be a discount coupon or a gift voucher. After getting their e-mail address, you can then market to them on a consistent basis in addition to following them around with banner advertisements.

Banner advertisements can be made to appear on various websites online including news sites, forums and even high traffic websites like Youtube.

The second goal is to of course run a remarketing campaign for people that had actually bought something from you. These people are far more valuable than their counterpart and you need to properly reinforce your brand as well as the rewards of continuing to do business with you specifically for people who’ve bought something from your in the past.

To further improve your retargeting campaign for your buyers, you might also want to think about providing special and exclusive offers that are not available to your general market. You can simply send them back to pages within your website create especially for them which clients are sure to appreciate!

These strategies for running a retargeting campaign will go a long way in helping you effectively brand your business online and maximize profits. If you found this useful please subscribe to our channel, share the video and leave a comment below. I’ll be seeing you in the next video!