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eCommerce Marketing Tip #9 – Commitment To Marketing

All too often do we come across people that approach ecommerce business with a “we’ll see attitude”. They look at their marketing as something more of a hit and miss as they simply try to see what works and what doesn’t which is fine. Of course we don’t want to keep beating our head against the wall and keep doing things that are making us lose money.

Now the problem with many ecommerce businesses today is that they fail to properly define how long they are going to test their marketing strategy and how much money they need to actually put into it. The result – they only push forward when everything is going well and quickly shut everything down if it isn’t instead of being resourceful and looking for ways to improve it.

In ecommerce, you can never expect to get everything right on the first try. The only way to succeed at running a truly profitable ecommerce campaign is to push forward and modify or improve your strategies and methodologies as you go. One must define the time that they are going to stick with a particular strategy and the amount of resources you are prepared to spend testing whether its going to turn out to be a profitable campaign or not.

Let’s say you are running a search engine optimization campaign, on a rough estimate we’re looking to spend at least 6 months to properly define the effectives of your SEO strategy. With Google Adwords, you’ll want to run it for at least 6 months as well or around 300 clicks per product or category. These well defined parameters should give you enough data to assess whether running your campaign is really worthwhile or not.

Continuing to go about your ecommerce business without properly testing your campaign strategies is pretty much like running a national election but allowing only 1 percent of the population to cast their votes. It’s not going to give you a true reflection of what is really going on.

Are you still uncertain about how much resources you should put towards your ecommerce campaign?   You can go ahead and seek out someone who is already doing it or shoot us an e-mail and we’ll tell you roughly how much money you need to put into your campaign to test its effectiveness and profitability.

The important thing is that you define a specific period of time for testing your ecommerce campaign and stick to it! These campaigns always have their peaks and drops – we need to avoid reacting to small jitters in the market. In order to make an accurate assessment concerning the effectiveness of their respective campaigns, one will need to stick with what they had defined and implement everything to the letter.

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