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E-Commerce Marketing Tip #1 – Analytics Ecommerce Tracking


You can’t track what you are not measuring and the best tool that we can use to track sales through an eCommerce site is a Google Analytics eCommerce tracker. Now while the tool is free, you may need to pay your web designer to install it for your which is fine because this tool provides you with a wealth of information and help you grow your business to the next level accurately.

Ecommerce tracking enables you to pinpoint exactly what is making you money and what is losing you money so that you can then quite easily stop the things that are losing you money and do more of the things that are actually making you more money. The opportunity to grow an ecommerce business successfully and quickly is certainly possible right now and it can be done predictably but you must have your tracking in place.

It’s a fantastic feeling when you can put $1000 in the front end and know that you can reliably get $3000, $4000 or $5000 at the back end but you can’t do that without having the proper tracking in place. Get Google Analytics ecommerce tracking installed in your website today.

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