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eCommerce Marketing Tip22 – What Is Your Problem?



A lot of people in the ecommerce business don’t really think about it but there is barely any instance in the real world that money changes hands without a problem being solved. Think about it – there is never an issue or a problem solved without its rewards and nothing is rewarded without a problem being solved. How does this apply to your ecommerce business though?

Now let’s be honest – when it all comes down to it, people don’t really care about your product and price point for the most part. What your prospects do care about is what your business and product can actually do for them!

When it comes to web marketing and generating traffic for websites, one needs to think about the problems that their business is meant to solve. Define this matter well and it will make sales and profit a lot easier as well as ultimately grow your business quicker than any other means possible. If you are thinking about the problems that your business is meant to solve, ask yourself these two questions:

  • How can you solve more problems?
  • How can you solve bigger problems?


Without a doubt, a business that is capable of solving more problems than others is in a perfect position to make more money. Get your business to solve bigger problems for people then you’ll be able to make more money in addition to establishing a bigger and stronger business going forward.

A great and simple approach to finding out what are the problems your prospects are having in the market is by running surveys. A lot of people simply don’t want to do it and dismiss surveys as a complete waste of time often taking too much time and effort to setup but if we know that the only way for businesses to truly succeed is to effectively solve people’s problems, surveys are something that businesses simply shouldn’t overlook especially when it’s a perfect way to actually ask people exactly what their problems are!

Now once you get a concise answer from your survey, all you have to do is focus on solving those problems. In the ecommerce business, some of the problems you should be solving for your customers by default include:

  • Any delays in shipping
  • Quality of service
  • Easy and convenience use of website from navigation to placing orders and checking out


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