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eCommerce Marketing Tip23 – Be Lazy or Be Rich

Too often, we find a lot of people that get into the ecommerce business for all the wrong reasons. Many think that having a web business is great simply because they don’t have to deal with customers anymore and they can “hide” behind the computer screen and let the website do everything for them. Yes you’ll make a bit of sales and money but if you really want to grow your business and turn it into something worthwhile, you still need to have that service element in your business.

Three of the most common things that people in the ecommerce business tend to hide and cut corners on often losing a heap of money in the process include:

Phone number – some people think that it’s a good idea to hide business phone numbers and simply not show it on their website. Someone looking to make a purchase but have a few quick questions in mind would not be able to contact anybody about it.

In the brick and mortar retail business, that’d be like putting up your hand and telling customers that they can’t talk to you about any questions or concerns they might have about your business. How do you think customers are going to feel about that?

Chat – hiding or failing to utilize chat functions. It’s a function that all businesses these days can seamlessly and inexpensively have their webmaster install on their website instantly. However, many online businesses tend to excuse themselves out of such functions saying that they simply won’t be around to cater to chats without considering that such functions can now be easily integrated unto phones these days making it fairly easy to do.

Just by having chat enabled on your website, we can typically see a dramatic increase in sales conversion not to mention the fact that a high portion of customers that actually do take the time to chat with you are more likely to make a purchase.

Support desk – there are plenty of support desks in the market that can be easily integrated to business websites and perhaps your website already has one! It helps businesses collate all interactions with clients and customers in one place. More importantly, it makes clients feel more valued as you are more effectively able to address their needs, problems or concerns from shipping delays and issues with your products or services to arranging returns or scheduling repairs.

These are but a few of the simple and affordable solutions that you can implement in your ecommerce business to exponentially increase sales without taking too much of your time. If you found this useful please subscribe to our channel, share the video and leave a comment below. I’ll be seeing you in the next video!