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Facebook Advertising Principles that Will Help You Provide Excellent Customer Service

Just recently, Facebook released news about their advertising principles. The advertising team stated that they strive to deliver meaningful connections between businesses and people. Of course, the main goal for every business is to gain profit from their leads and for people to see only relevant and useful ads that they prefer.

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Here are the Principles that will help you provide extraordinary customer service:

They build for people first.

Facebook specify that they are showing what’s relevant to people and not by how much money they make from a given ad. Some users find it disturbing to see irrelevant and repetitive ads. People interact or make an engagement with ads that they can relate to.


Facebook doesn’t sell our data.

Number one important concern of online users is the security of their personal information. The ad system of Facebook is designed to protect people’s privacy. Advertisers will never know the detailed information from their audience but the given data about the performance coming from Facebook.

We can control the ads we see.

If an ad is annoying, you may click the upper right-hand corner of the ad and you can choose to hide or block it. We can also view our account’s Ad Preferences to learn more why we are seeing those ads with interest and information.


Facebook Advertising is transparent.

Whenever you see ads in your news feed, you are directly seeing which page it is coming from. And when you visit its profile page, you may distinguish instantly if the account is legit or not. Facebook provides us information of the advertisers so we can decide if we should trust them or not.

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Facebook Advertising for business gives equal treatment to both businesses and people. Each aspect gain from each other, as businesses get the leads they want and people discover the things they need.

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