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How You Can Easily Optimise your LinkedIn Profile and Improve Its Visibility

Are you new to LinkedIn? Or, do you already have a LinkedIn profile where you want to increase your visibility as one of the real experts in your line of industry? Either way, if you are reading this article. Then, you are probably looking for the best ways on how you can increase your profile visibility through simple profile optimisation.

Now let’s start talking business!

With more than 546 million members in 200 countries, LinkedIn is essentially the world’s largest search engine for professionals.

Whether your goal is to increase your business network, find a job, generate leads, and stay updated with the latest industry trends and more. Your profile should be properly optimised.

A well-optimised profile clearly communicates who you are and what you do in a professional and concise manner. Remember, your profile should be the main representation of who you are as a professional individual. It is the key reference to recruiters, potential business partners, clients, and prospective customers – If you are worth doing business with.

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And in this article, we are going to talk about How You Can Easily Optimise your LinkedIn Profile and Improve Its Visibility.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile with Your Latest Position

Try to put what you mainly do in your LinkedIn’s headline section. This part also affects your profile visibility on LinkedIn. If you want to be included in the search engine for a certain position. Put that in your profile headline.

If you are a Junior Digital Marketer with a major skill in Search Engine Marketing. Then write your headline as Junior Digital Marketer l PPC Specialist. This will make your profile appear more on LinkedIn’s Search Engine when recruiters are looking for a specialist like you.

Make Your Professional Skills Standout

LinkedIn showcases Top 10 skills in the skills preview section. Make sure your skills are in proper order. Put the ones with the greatest number of endorsements at the top or mix it with the recent skills you added to get more endorsements, profile views and get more professional credibility.

Add Everything You Achieve

Whether you have a recent publication, small or big project achievement, new certifications, awards, and more. Put them there. List them down. LinkedIn has made a section for each of these individual professional milestones. Don’t miss out! The more you update your LinkedIn profile – the more you’ll appear in a specific search result. Imagine LinkedIn as Google where a recruiter looks for someone who is Facebook Blueprint Certified and more. Aren’t you missing out if you have what it takes but you were too busy thinking your profile is all good even if you don’t add those kinds of kinds of stuff?

Fill in Your Industry Related Course Work

Have you ever attended a workshop or a short course that did not provide any certifications? Unfortunately, this normally happens to some people nowadays. Now, if ever you encountered this too. Don’t feel bad about it. Instead, add all the courses you have taken that would add value to your current position in the courses section.  Whether it is something about business in general, a specific skill workshop and more. It’s your profile – show them what you got!

Add Your Organisation Industry Involvements

In case you belong to any professional organisations in your line of industry. You can also consider adding this to your profile. To increase your profile visibility for the LinkedIn users who are looking for that specific organization.


There are many ways to maximise your business networks. It just depends on how you want to connect and maximise yours. Some people prefer face-to-face business communication while others prefer to start by connecting with a specific person virtually. But if you would like to actively grow yours LinkedIn is definitely one of the best platform and options for you. But in case you also want to find out more about Facebook advertising, you can also join our Free Facebook Training that can generate leads for as low as $10 per day.