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Is email marketing dead image by Think Big OnlineIf you read the latest news, or follow some of the biggest internet marketing  bloggers it would be easy to believe that email marketing is dead.  The news seems to be dominated lately with new social network launches, Facebooks IPO, twitters potential sell out and Googles search algorithm updates.

In fact we just did a quick Google news search and it’s almost impossible to see anything about email marketing.  It makes you wonder is email marketing dead?

Being avid internet marketers we decided to investigate further and see whether email marketing is still generating a strong return on investment, here’s what we found:

For Every $1 Spent In 2011 $40.56 Was Generated

According to the Direct Marketing Association during 2011 for every $1 spent on email marketing $40.56 was generated.  This was the highest return on any marketing method with search returning $22.24 and mobile advertising returning $10.51.

$67.8 Billion Dollars Will Be Generated From Email In 2012

In a recent study it was predicted that in America this year $67.8 Billion in sales will be generated as a direct result of email marketing.  This number is predicted to rise to $82.2 billion by 2016, indicating that profits from email marketing are still on the rise.

72% Of Surveyed Businesses Marked Email As A Good Or Excellent Return

In an email marketing census study conducted in 2011 72% of the surveyed business owners marked that email marketing was a good or excellent return on investment.  In the same study business owners indicated they would be increasing their investment in email in 2012.

As you can see from just these 3 key statistics email marketing is most definitely alive and well.  In fact it’s the “quiet profit generator” for a lot of companies.  Hopefully these stats serve as a reminder to not get caught up in the media too much and focus on strategies that work.

Obviously at the moment the number one strategy that’s working is email marketing!