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The 5 Step Headline Formula for High Converting Ads and Blog Posts (Infographic)

When someone views your ad or blog post, the first thing they look at is the headline.

If your headline fails to grab attention, it’s highly unlikely anyone will consume the rest of your content.

This means you’ve lost the opportunity to acquire a lead or make a sale.

The time and effort invested in preparing the content for your ad or blog post is a complete waste if your headline fails to entice visitors to consume the content.

I’ve seen this over and over again when conducting copywriting audits for business owners.

Writing persuasive headlines require skill and practice. However, you don’t need to have a PhD. in English to write a headline like the professionals do.

All you need is to follow a simple 5 step formula and very soon you’ll be able to crank out attention-getting headlines which draw the reader into devouring your content.

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Always write half a dozen or more headlines and use the 5 step formula to decide which one is likely to be the most effective. If you’re running ads online, then test your ads using different headlines to see which converts the best.

Follow the 5 steps shown in this infographic and you’ll never again feel stuck when you sit down to write headlines for your ad or blog post.

High Converting Ad Headlines an Blog Titles

Infographic Courtesy: Social Media Today