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Top 10 Free Tools For Building An SEO Friendly Website (Infographic)

It’s a challenging task to create and develop a website for your business online. Everything must be planned perfectly including the design, functionality and content. After all the tedious processes of building your website, it’s now time to launch it.

Now, what’s next? You need to drive a decent amount of visitors and let them know that your site exists. According to various online studies, the best type of traffic comes from Search Engines since these forms of traffic have the great possibilities to convert especially if you are offering products and services.

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How will you be able to drive targeted and high conversion traffic from popular search engines? The key is to build an “SEO Friendly Website” and I have here an Inforgraphic with the list of “Top 10 Free Tools For Building An SEO Friendly Website” which can definitely help you in crafting a website that can be well loved by Google and other major search engines. You can also check out our online SEO Webinar to learn more about Search Engine Optmisation and how it can help you grow your business.

See Infographics below:

Top 10 Free Tools For Building An SEO Friendly Website (Infographic) image by Think Big Online Marketing

Credit to: XHTML Champs