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Visual Website Optimizer Review and Bonus – Split Testing Tool

All about visual website optimizer

Visual Optimizer review image by Think Big Online

Looking for more reliable information about how your websites are doing? Such data can prove crucial in order for marketers to make better decisions. Visual Website Optimizer is a split testing tool designed to help people do just that and more – but is it really any good? For a paid tool that can cost as much as $399 per month (Gold Membership), marketers certainly want to make sure that they make the most out of it.

Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at what Visual Website Optimizer has to offer and how it can possibly be of benefit to your business.

A good look at Visual Website Optimizer

How are marketers supposed to know if their websites are at all effective? Well the only way to do that would be to measure and keep a close eye on results – determine just how changes are affecting conversion rates. Think of the advantages such information especially when dealing with the competition. You’ll be able to get more prospects to purchase, sign up or subscribe on your offerings. Visual website optimizer is designed to provide marketers just that.

What can Visual Website Optimizer do for you?

visual website optimizer 2

Visual website tool is essentially a “split-testing” tool. What this means is that the tool enables users to create versions of their website by easily selecting and modifying the website elements that you would like to change. Users can then track results brought by the changes they’ve made and come up with the best and most effective version of their website.

Thanks to Visual Website Optimizer, one doesn’t need to be an IT expert to do all the things mentioned earlier. There’s no need to bother with complex codes and users can quickly create and preview the changes they make with ease. So how does it actually work?

Visual Website Optimizer revolves around the idea of showing visitors different versions of a particular website to see and uncover which one actually converts better.

Features to love about Visual Website Optimizer

User-friendly site editor

You don’t have to be an expert in order to come up with the most effective and professional looking version of your website. Use the WYSIWYG editor to add or modify images, headings, buttons and other website elements.

URL Split-testing

Split test URLs that take visitors to separate landing pages to see which one performs better

 Integration with Google Analytics and set conversion goals

The tool tracks unique visitors as opposed to sheer number of webpage views making it a good compliment for Google Analytics.

Live Tracking

Visual Website Optimizer providers a real time graphical presentation of one’s website performance – conversion rate, improvement percentage, comparison with original version and conversion to visitor ratio.

Heat maps

In addition to real time tracking functions, Visual Website Optimizer also features graphical heat maps that paints a clear picture of what visitors are doing in your site – where they are clicking, how much time they are spending on your site,

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Is Visual Website Optimizer for you?

Visual Website Optimizer is ideal for just about anyone looking to make the most of what their website has to offer. This popular split-testing and conversion improvement tool offers a fast and easy solution for determining what does and doesn’t work. The tool is particularly useful for web design and online marketing agencies as it enables them to run a detailed analysis on their client’s websites.

To get started, one simply have to complete the signup process which will then give users access to all the resources they need to begin optimizing their website’s performance. The cost may seem significant but the tool’s potential for practically pointing marketers to the right direction can be an opportunity that is simply too good to pass up.

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