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Thesis Theme Review and Bonus – WordPress Theme

A good look at Thesis Theme

Thesis theme review image by Think Big OnlineThesis Theme is among the most popular premium themes available for WordPress. When it comes to WP templates and themes, popularity isn’t exactly one of the qualities web marketers are looking for but thanks to a ton of features for customizing and personalizing websites, it’s rarely an issue. Let’s go ahead and take a good look at what Thesis Theme has to offer.

All about Thesis Theme

Now wouldn’t it be wonderful if creating great looking websites wasn’t such a pain? No complicated codes, technical knowledge and mind-bending scripts – a lot of web marketers are probably wishing the same thing.  Thesis Theme is a resource designed by DIY Theme that aims to make such a wish come true. That would mean no more going through the long and arduous process of building webpages by code saving marketers time and effort.

Today it gets even better with the updated version of Thesis 2.0 featuring quick loading themes and SEO tools to improve user’s chances of ranking better in search engines

Check out the video below for a quick glance at what Thesis Theme has to offer:

The highlights on Thesis Theme

thesis theme 2

Visual Website Editor – there’s no need to bother with coding just to put up a decent and professional looking website with Thesis Theme. Modify headers, sidebars and the overall appearance of your website with the click of a mouse.

thesis theme 3

Website Templates –build and use various templates that you can save and use later. It’s particularly useful for users who wish to quickly go over multiple design possibilities for their webpages.

Shape layouts anyway you like with custom boxes – with WordPress, users normally have to deal with codes in order to set the layout they like. That’s no longer necessary with Thesis Theme and users can get their layout done all with the click of a button.

Excellent SEO functionalityThesis Theme comes with powerful integrated SEO functions covering titles, descriptions, keywords, 404 webpages and other Meta information. Thesis makes on-page SEO optimization easy for webmasters right out of the box.

Support for Markup Schema as a new web standard

Support for Google Rel=author specRel=author is Google’s on-going effort for “notarizing” the web. Have you noticed that some search results have an author profile and image posted next to it? Thesis makes it easy to do the same thing for your webpages.

Is Thesis Theme right for you?

Thesis Theme is the ideal web design companion for anybody looking for a simple web design interface couple with quick loading website themes. It can be especially useful for website designers handling lots of clients as it enables users to quickly roll out templates that they can easily modify and personalize.

Everyone in the eCommerce business from large and small-scale businesses to authors and casual bloggers can also benefit from Thesis Theme as the tool offers a complete and easily customizable site design and maintenance experience for WordPress without the need for any technical knowledge or programming expertise.

 Are you interested in Thesis Theme? Purchase through this link and choose one of several great bonuses that we offer at Simply send us the receipt of your purchase at