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Infusionsoft Review and Bonus – Marketing Automation Software

A good look at Infusionsoft

Are you interested in sales and marketing automation software designed for small scale businesses called Infusionsoft? Considering the cost of such software, it would certainly be best for web marketers to know all that they can about it prior to making any decision to invest on its offerings. Let’s go ahead and take a closer look.

Now Infusionsoft is essentially 3 platforms cleverly packed into one powerful web-based system – a CRM (Customer Relations Management) system, Business Automation and Ecommerce system. The platform is aimed towards small to medium sized businesses looking to minimize cost without sacrificing results and maximizing conversions and profit.

The highlights on Infusionsoft

Powerful and Capable

infusionsoft 2

Infusionsoft as an ecommerce platform is a very capable and powerful tool in a way that user’s won’t need any additional tool and software to drive their online business forward. Granted it has a tougher learning curve than most but it provides everything that marketers need for their online endeavors.

In terms of training, Infusionsoft provides a fairly extensive experience which includes virtual walkthroughs and live sessions as well as a ton of other training resources (coaching sessions and events) aimed at not only helping first time users learn all the ropes and capitalize on everything the platform has to offer but to educate users as well on the current marketing standards.

Unparalleled Automation

infusionsoft 3

Infusionsoft provides a ton of features for cleverly automating one’s marketing campaign including a visual map to lay out every aspect of your online marketing strategy. Users can set “triggers” to more effectively get marketing messages across according to demographics like age, sex and location.

Other great features offered by Infusionsoft include:

  • A library of campaign templates to import or export
  • An attractive email marketing campaign with a 99 percent delivery rate which only helps ensure that your marketing messages reach your intended recipients along with spam scoring functions
  • Voice broadcasts
  • Direct mail and multimedia communications
  • Website analytics reporting
  • Regular email and conversion rate reports

Closing your sale

infusionsoft 5b infusionsoft 5a

The platform enables users to keep track of prospect’s online activity such as purchases and behavior – use the information to generate targeted leads and pursue better conversions. Infusionsoft comes with a wide range of tools to boost productivity.

Some automation features for closing sales that users are sure to find invaluable include:

  • Automatic list follow-ups
  • Automated scoring tool for finding profitable leads – organize and rank contacts according to their engagement and level of interest.


The degree of automation that Infusionsoft offers enables users to focus on leads that matter the most and with the highest possibility of turning into actual buyers.

Capture the attention and interest of your prospects

As an ecommerce platform, Infusionsoft can be a powerful tool for establishing a strong online presence especially around social networks frequented by prospects. Build a profitable presence on popular networks life Facebook – capture the attention of your prospects with exciting content, contests and giveaways.


In terms of cost, Infusionsoft doesn’t come cheap which is perhaps its most significant downside. The platform is offered in 3 packages which includes the Standard Package for $199 per month, the Ultimate Premier Package for $299 and the best value Plus Package for $299 per month. There is also the required 30 day training package which comes as mandatory for new subscribers that cost $1999.

Is Infusionsoft the right web marketing platform for you?

Infusionsoft certainly comes highly recommended as an effective and powerful online marketing platform that comes with everything marketers needs to drive their business forward. Granted it does come with a few disadvantages as mentioned earlier in the review but those who take the time and resources to stick with Infusionsoft is bound to find it as a streamlined, proven and highly efficient online business management platform that is well worth its cost.

Of course if you are looking for something that is easier to master and cost a lot less to get into then there are other alternatives like Office Autopilot which is comparable in cost but minus the mandatory training fee.

We would recommend Infusionsoft if you want the best in online marketing and business management. But if you want something which you can master easily, Office Autopilot would be the better choice.

Are you interested in Infusionsoft? Purchase through this link  or get a free one on one consultation with out certified Infusionsoft Specialist.

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