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Your Ultimate Guide to Facebook Fan Page Image Sizes

Your Facebook Fan Page plays a vital a role in contributing to your initial business impression. Online users will often see you by surfing on the search engine, and their online activities come with a chain reaction.

And, here’s how it usually works – users searches for something, finds something interesting in you, visits your website and stalk your social media profiles for review. On the other hand, sometimes you will be seen on Facebook and if you’re luckily targeting the right people who are really interested in your products they will eventually visit your website.

Either way, your Facebook Fan Page profile should always look professional because this has been their digital channel for reference if your brand is reliable, credible and trust-worthy.

This is why you need to be conscious about how your profile will look like. And, in this article, we will go over all the most common types of images used on Facebook fan pages.

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Page Profile Picture

By default, your page profile picture will always be resized to 160 x 160px, and Facebook will recommend you the standard photo dimension of 180 x 180 px. However, if you have a big logo, it might cut the preview out and make the quality lower. To make your page profile picture look its best on the retina display, you should at least do a photo that is twice or thrice bigger than recommended. We recommend that you use 360 x 360 px or 800 x 800 px if your logo is wide.

Facebook Cover Photo

According to Facebook, the dimensions of your cover photo for personal profiles are 851 x 315px, and 828 x 315px for business pages. Your cover photo design should depend on what you want to prioritise – Do you want to your fan page to look best on desktop or mobile? Or, Do you want to stand out on both?

This is something that you should genuinely think about to some business having a mobile and desktop friendly cover photo is easy because the design can easily be aligned for both. But, most businesses have to choose between the two. Yes, frankly speaking even the big brands do!

Here’s an excellent example of how we were able to do achieve both.

Desktop Preview

Dream Courts Desktop View

Mobile Preview

Mobile View Dream COurts

Facebook Square Posts

If you want your Facebook Fan page to look more engaging, it is best for you to go with this. Square posts are the most common type of images used on social media’s organic posts. Since this is the type of photos that memes and users use. The best size for this kind of posts is 800 x 800 px.

Facebook Square post

Facebook Event

For Facebook Events, the standard recommended size of Facebook is 1200 x 628 px. However, Facebook will minimise your photo resolution by default. You need to upload at least a photo that is twice bigger than their recommended size.

Facebook EVent

Page Like Ad

There many ad type objectives and one of this is Facebook Page Like Ads to get more online fans for your page. If you are a coach or a profession that is related to public speaking and you may want to use a professionally taken photo shot of you that is speaking in front of a crowd of people. Your minimum photo size should be  560 x 210 px. On the other hand, if you are thinking about having an edited photo for your business your photo size should be 1200 x 444 px.

page like ad

Facebook Carousel Ad

In cases, you want to look techy and modern with a goal of sales conversion. You may also want to consider creating a Facebook carousel ad. Facebook can automatically generate product photos from your website but if you want to change them. The most recommended photo size is 600 x 600 px.

Carousel Ads

Regular Facebook Ads

We are saving the best for last! This is the most common Facebook Ad type to generate sales, leads and website traffic. To create the best stunning and attractive ad type, Facebook’s standard photo dimension is 1200 x 628 px.

Pro Tip: In doing this kind of ad, you should always consider Facebook’s 20% rule. You can test your photo if it passes the Facebook Photo standards here.

BCNU Facebook Ad

You can also download your Free Facebook Marketing Toolkit here.