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Is Your Copy Failing to Generate Sales Online?

Discover How You Can Easily Convert 60% of Website Visitors to Loyal Clients through Persuasive and Compelling Copywriting.

You should never forget... It's the words That do the selling

While it’s a given that websites should be visually appealing it’s important to note that it’s the words that convert your visitors into buyers. Unfortunately many business owners don’t understand this…
Instead of investing time, focus and money into crafting great sales messages they quickly put together content and post it online.
In our opinion, that’s one of the major contributing factors to the horrible statistic that…


They don’t fail because the product isn’t good, they don’t fail because the technology is outdated, and they don’t fail because the design is not engaging…
These websites fail because the content is not compelling enough to convert a visitor into a buyer.
When you’re selling online you don’t have the opportunity to talk with customers, handle their objections and re-inforce the sale through face-to-face interaction. This needs to be done by using compelling copy, copy that is crafted to drive sales.

Good copy is the difference between a visitor buying/making contact or not.

Let’s position ourselves into the mind of the consumer for a moment, they’ve visited a brand new site, they’re considering buying a product they’ve never seen, from a business they’ve never purchased from before…
There’s going to be some doubt, some apprehension about making a purchase and it’s the job of your website, your graphics and your copy to ease that stress.
You need to guide them through the product, what it’s major benefits are, prove that it actually works and then re-assure them that you’re actually going to deliver on what you’re promising.
For some products this can be done in just a few words, in other products it may take pages of copy to get the desired results.

Your website copy should be as long as needed to convert your visitors

Often we’re asked how much copy should it take to convince a visitor to buy, the answer is “as long as needed”. As a general rule of thumb, the greater the price of your product the more content is needed.
But there are a few exceptions, for example a new product or innovation will need more explanation, as you have to explain the concept, convince the reader they need it and then convert them to a sale.
For example, recently Google released a new service for businesses, the page which introduced the service was over 2000 words in length, contained 3 videos and the service they were promoting was free.
So unfortunately there’s not a “one size fits all” answer to this question, you just need enough copy to convince the visitor to buy.
But It’s Not Just As Simple Of Listing The Benefits And Telling The Visitor To Trust You!
Internet consumers are savvy; they’ve either been taken advantage of or know someone who’s been taken advantage of in online transactions previously.
As such, you cant just simply list our your benefits and ask them to trust you, you need to provide proof that you deliver.
Not only that but you need to provide proof that your product does exactly what you’re promising it will do. Without proof your site won’t achieve it’s sales potential.

This sounds complicated and labor intensive…

Very simply put, crafting compelling copy is a skill, something which can be learned over time and with experience…
But as a business owner you’ve got enough on your plate without having to worry about the complicated process of crafting sales messages. Which is why we’ve put together a copywriting service for you.

Our in-house copywriter is directly responsible for over $3.7 million in sales during 2012

You can rest assured you’re in the experienced and capable hands of a professional copywriter who’s written for clients like:
So if you’d like to partner with a copywriter who knows how to get sales of your products then simply complete the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly!