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Did You Know That 91% Of Online Marketing Campaigns Fail?

What are you doing to ensure you are not one of them?

It’s a horrifying statistic, especially for business owners seeking to get more customers and more sales from their website.
The problem is though, most business owners just don’t know how to build and execute a successful online marketing plan.

We speak to business owners who believe in the “Build It And They Will Come” strategy for online marketing.


If you want your website to make you money buy generating more leads and sales then you need to follow the formula for success.

All experienced internet marketers know that to create success online you need to understand:

You see, most business owners just build the website and expect the traffic to come, ultimately the website is the easiest part.

If you truly want to be successful then you need to invest more time and money in traffic than in your website.

Like building a house you need a clear, easy to understand blueprint so that you are 100% confident that the money you are investing is going to good use.

This is what our consulting services cover:

Without an integrated approach to marketing your website you just won’t achieve the success you need and you’ll end up failing like the other 91% of business owners.;

Is predicted to reach 1 billion users…are you leveraging these users to from this month?

Now if you would like to avoid wasting time and money on things that don’t work and join the top 9% of business owners that succeed then keep reading.

Over the past few years we have been fortunate enough to improve every type of business. From local tradies to plastic surgeons, giant ecommerce stores and ASX listed companies.

In this time we have built up a market intelligence that now gives our clients a major strategic advantage over the competition.
In fact we went back through all work we have previously done and found that our average clients leads and sales increased by 4.3 times (some as high as 8 times) in 6 months.
The average increase in 12 months?

12.6 times increase in sales and leads from their website.

Now we don’t just tell you this to impress you, more to show you that the Internet can work for you and what really is possible if you have a proven strategy.
As you can appreciate we don’t give out clients specific names along with results (as we would never do with yours) and here we just wanted to give you a quick sample of what others have experienced.
This client had a reasonable Facebook following of around 25,000 fans but they were not managing the page as well as it could have been.

After internet marketing consulting sessions on the fan page the client was able to increase the “likes” on their page to over 30,000 in one month AND increase sales from Facebook by 50%.

To ensure you get the best return on investment from your website you have 2 options:


Heading down a road only to find that you are on the wrong one is frustrating to say the least. This is exactly why we created this powerful package for all medium to large businesses that want to increase leads and sales the smart way and ensure success.
We dig deep to uncover what your competition are doing and advise on where and how are the best places for you to focusing your effort to achieve maximum visibility and profitability.
You will walk away with complete clarity, expert advice and a step by step strategy to explode your business online over the next 12 months.

Hourly consulting


The third one is what holds business owners back from being successful, but it doesn’t have to.

When our highly experienced online marketing consultants are not putting together plans to take over the internet or executing our own and clients successful campaigns, they are available to consult on all areas of marketing on the internet.