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What is an SEO friendly URL – 10 tips for proper URL optimisation (infographic)

In this blog post, you will learn the proper SEO URL Optimisation.

SEO friendly URL is the most basic SEO technique to help the indexation process of your website but there are proper ways to do it. There are plenty of websites that use suboptimal and incorrect URLs.

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URL Optimisation is a basic task you need to deal with regards to website redesigning process or creating a new website.

Check out this quick view of what you need to do after you’ve decided to redesign your website and if you are planning to create a new website:

  • Add target keywords in your URLs
  • Use 301 Redirects
  • Use canonical URLs
  • Block bad URLs with Robots.txt
  • Always use hyphens in URLs
  • Use readable URLs

I will leave you with this infographic below about proper URL Optimisation. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog if you find it helpful and informative.  You may also share it to your friends or you may also sign up on our SEO Webinar to develop your skill set keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the Digital World.

Infographics by MySiteAuditor.